About Me

I’m a registered acupuncturist, certified life coach & bodytalk practitioner by trade.

An optimistic, passionate, intuitive, cheerful visionary by heart.

And a samurai warrior by choice – loyal to helping people thrive and well trained + highly skilled to cut through the BS like a sword by honouring one’s health and best interest at all times. 

Dedicated to helping create more joy, well-being, healing, and growth — not only for ourselves, but for our families, communities and the world we live in.

Recently graduated with Honours at Acupuncture Integrative Medicine (AIM) Academy. Been in practice as a life coach and BodyTalk practitioner for almost 10 years. But for as long as I could remember, I’ve always had the passion for helping others thrive, a keen interest in science & psychology and an inquisitive curiosity about how things worked and how to make it better. Whether it’s in business, things or people, I have a natural skill for organizing and a flair for looking at things differently.  Perhaps it’s the Aquarian in me that find joy & connection between what’s obvious and the not-so-obvious parts – the inner subtleties that play a part in the whole. Some would say it’s a talent, maybe even a gift, a trait I certainly appreciate as it led to quite a few professional successes and personal fulfilling relationships.

Born in the Philippines. Grew up in Toronto in a typical Filipino family community, influenced by hard work, perseverance, inclusivity and of course the enjoyment for socializing, interacting & celebrating the little things in life. Or maybe just an excuse to throw a party, and Filipinos have been known to go all out on events just because!

In a lot of ways I was raised as a “good girl” – taught to follow the rules, listen to my elders and respect traditions. And I do appreciate it’s positive influence in my life, but even as a child I’ve always had a fire within that could not be contained when it came to expressing myself. As I grew older this fire turned  into a fireball lighting up the way and constantly reminding me to follow my truth, listen to my heart and to create new traditions that serve, which often means breaking my own rules & beliefs that no longer do. And to this day I continue to challenge the status quo for betterment & progress – whether it be with my own personal growth or in my practice working with clients. Hard work and perseverance is useful and necessary when it comes to growth, change and being better versions of ourselves and I’m all for it, but I also honour the importance of self-care and respect the messages our body brings us. A personal lesson I learned the hard way back when I worked at a corporate job, where my hard work & perseverance lead to many promotions and accolades but with unexpected bonuses in the form of neck, shoulder and back pains. Interestingly enough, finding relief for my physical pain re-ignited a spark for my passions. And so, I took a leap of faith, left a successful corporate job I really enjoyed to pursue these passions by starting a healthcare practice while at the same time starting a family and caring for them. I understand how challenging it can be to balance life responsibilities while striving to manifest life goals to build a meaningful & fulfilling life. My willingness and courage certainly got me started, but that wasn’t enough. It’s the choice to stay true to myself, take care of myself and the amazing teachers I have been lucky enough to have crossed paths with is how I wholeheartedly define success in my life. And I’m here to say that you don’t have to do it alone either. I’m here to help you define success in your own terms, starting with self care.

I genuinely believe that life is here for us and not against us, and that our bodies are our allies. I continue to seek and learn natural & innovative ways to promote well-being & empowerment, so if you’re ready to take your health and life to the next level, I invite you to connect with me and I would love to work with you. You bring your willingness to create your best life and I promise to use the knowledge, training and experiences in my journey to help you embrace your own. Let’s create wellness from the inside out – in body, mind and in life!

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P.S.  Here is a fun little info diagram on my left brain knowledge, training & expertise + my intentions to integrate right brain functions in my work with people.

P.P.S.  More fun truths about me + daring goals and dreams to tackle. Truth or Dare Style.

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Phone: 647  272 5747

Email: info@kristineapostol.com

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