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A friend of mine recommended Kristine when I was hit by some major life challenges – physically and emotionally. I went to see her with hesitation and a complete lack of understanding of how she could help me, if at all. But Kristine had a way about her that helped allay some of my concerns. But it wasn’t until after my first session that I began to recognize the benefits that started to trickle in. Kristine’s approach is very similar to the ancient medical philosophy practiced by a 12th century’s abbess Hildegard of Bingen, who purported that the body is more like a plant than a machine…the difference being that someone has to fix a broken machine but a plant can heal itself. The trick is to allow for an encourage the life force to work its magic, which sometimes involves removing obstacles to it, or personal attention from a healthcare practitioner. Time spent with Kristine allowed the life force in me to heal me from within. Although I can’t trace back the exact steps or approach that worked, I have no doubt about Kristine’s contributions in getting me back to my best self. And for that, I’ll be forever grateful.

Thanks Kristine!

– Sandeep

As a mom, I do my best to make sure my son is healthy and balance. So in the first few months of his infancy, I saw Kristine for a balancing session to get help on a cold that he’s had for a long time that didn’t seem to be getting better.  Through BodyTalk and Life Coaching she helped me understand how the transition from the womb to the outside world can effect a baby just like anyone else would be affected in a new environment. The next day my son felt and looked a lot better, way better…as if his cough and cold was just switched off. Thank you so much Kristine for doing such an amazing job and for helping me understand what my baby may need during this stage of his life and how I can best support his growth. Thank you for empowering me and for all the support you provide for me and my whole family.  – Jhoana

Kristine is “Spot On”, concise, kind and the best cheerleader to have on my sidelines. The combination of BodyTalk, Life coach skills set, her professionalism, kindness and awareness has helped me find better approaches to the current challenges in my life. She is constantly checking in with me and my system during a session, to ensure I have clarity with the current topic and not feel overwhelmed. She leaves me at the spot where I have just enough work to do and with the tools and a workable plan to accomplish the task at hand. I am grateful to have Kristine on my team. – Karen Sze

I began to see Kristine in July 2015 after speaking with my wife who visited her as well as a close friend both of whom had seen improvements in their well being and mental state, so I gave it a try.  I had been dealing with a very stressful job and a transition within the organization where my new boss and I did not see eye to eye.  This situation had put me in a difficult position at work and home and I knew if I didn’t seek help soon, my health would be at serious risk.  After my first session, it took my body some time to really process and absorb the healing, but the improvements came with time.  Had I not seen Kristine to talk about issues and challenges, I would have never been able to go to work day after day in a toxic environment and survive.  Being able to talk to somebody about my problems and then have the energy in your body change from angry, upset and mad to calm, collective and rational made me a stronger person and allowed me to handle difficult situations I was put in.  The BodyTalk sessions really helped me clear my mind and vocalize my thoughts instead of bottling them and blowing up.  I was able to channel my energy and efforts in different ways that I never knew or thought I could do before.  In 2016, I continued to see Kristine on a more regular basis and could feel the changes in my body and mind take greater effect as we worked more and more on empowering myself to take steps to get through the challenges I was facing.  Throughout the year I took some bold steps in my life that I never thought I would be able to, but with Kristine’s help and guidance I was able to successfully transition out of my job, focus on my family and start a new career working for myself.  I continue to utilize rational thinking and harnessing energy on positive and productive goals, rather then dwelling and putting effort into situations that bring me down.  My work life balance has improved greatly, I feel like a different person and am more ambitious then I have ever been.  Thank you Kristine, I would not be where I am today without your help!  – Rishi, Entrepreneur

“When I’m in the presence of Kristine, I feel her positive uplifting energy. She’s more than a bodytalk practitioner. When I see her for my bodytalk treatment I’m in the presence of a non-judgemental compassionate human being whose intention is truly to help. That by itself is truly healing and add bodyTalk to it it gets even more powerful. She’s also an excellent coach. I consider myself fortunate to know Kristine. Bodytalk has been beneficial to me and I’ve a plan to keep continuing it. I’ve referred 2 people to Kristine so far not only because of bodytalk most importantly because of her attitude and care. Thank you Kristine for everything.” Moe E.

“Although, I will admit that I still don’t totally comprehend the science behind Bodytalk, I do believe whole-heartedly in Kristine Apostol. Working with her always feels a bit like magic. I have come into her office with sore throats or headaches only to have them disappear by the end of the session. I have seen my child move her bowels after days of constipation following one of Kristine’s distance sessions. I had premenstrual breast pain when i started body talk and now it is a non-issue. My kids have grown bigger and stronger and I feel like this is a result of their experiences working with Kristine. I also feel like it is a unique tool allowing me greater insight into what is going on with them: mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is wonderful to have this information as it helps me make parenting choices and decisions. More than anything for me, seeing Kristine can feel like 5 years of psychotherapy in one hour. I have had my perceptions shift, come more into myself and what I need to function and flourish. Kristine is a compassionate, empathetic and intuitive person and a pleasure to work with.” S.S.

Besides knowing your work and doing it so well –with kindness, caring and devoted to helping people. May I say you have a beautiful face, and your voice is very soothing. I could go on and on. With gratitude.

– Irene G.

The main area I wanted to address was the foot cramps I experienced frequently. At first I thought it was triggered by cold weather or the shoes I was wearing. After a few sessions of BodyTalk my foots cramp disappeared completely and it has since been 5 months. During my sessions, I felt a refreshing feeling and was very relaxed. After the sessions and the days afterward, I felt lighter as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders. My experience with body talk has given me a different outlook on how the human body works. I never realized how important the body parts needed to communicate in able to heal and feel well.  A lot of people can benefit from BodyTalk, there is more to healing the human body than just taking painkillers.  –  Jaimee Romans, Toronto

“I have been going to Kristine for just over a year now. She has helped me in major areas of my life, two that certainly stand out for me is low confidence and self esteem, I have always felt this way since being a young girl. I walked out of my first session with Kristine feeling energetic and alive for  the first time in years, I felt that a huge weight had been lifted from me that had been there since about the age of 5. Another major life changing feeling that Kristine has helped me with is to overcome the feelings of guilt, and to have anything for myself. Other areas that Kristine has helped me with over the years are cravings, PMS, headaches, and pain from a boating accident. I heard about BodyTalk from a complete stranger who recommend I go as she felt everyone can benefit from it, she had my curiosity up as her sessions had a huge impact in her life. I had reservations about BodyTalk at firs but after reading Kristine’s website and speaking to her over the phone I was even more curious but also felt more at ease. I was and still am very impressed  by Kristine’s caring, outgoing, and professional attitude. I continue to go to Kristine for overall health and balancing. I feel that Kristine has been a huge asset in my life and would recommend her to everyone. I thank Kristine all the time for what she has done for me and given to me-emotional freedom which equals life success“ – Jill Anderson

“If you are experiencing any change in your life, BodyTalk is the best call ever!  I decided to accept a new job and along with the new challenge, lots of pressure and expectations arrived too. Anxiety, self control and back pain became part of my routine. Only after I start my BodyTalk visits I was able to get back to normal. I highly recommend BodyTalk for any change you are experiencing, work or non-work related. “ – Cinthia N.

“Since my sessions with Kristine, my vertigo seems to have gotten better, I haven’t had dizzy spells and I’m more aware of it. What I learned was that I had to speak up for myself in life and when I did in a couple of situations that came up, I was very calm, sincere without so much anger. I felt I got more respect and others looked at me with new eyes.  I feel more peaceful with myself. Thank you so much.” M.S.

“All of this post isn’t digestible for everyone, however, the part in quotes below I can completely attest to from personally experiencing BodyTalk over the last few years. I’ve grown and become aware of so much that goes inside my body, mind, and soul through BodyTalk. It’s helped me clear up so much confusion, blocked energy and let go of and grow from limiting belief patterns. It’s (I am) a constant work in progress, and I’m so very grateful for having the guidance of my friend, coach and practitioner Kristine Apostol to help me through it all, peeling away layer by layer! –  I.W.

“Genetic damage can be fixed through our consciousness, energy exists before matter. Each part of ourselves that needs fixing, relates to a belief, behavior pattern or attachment that we are being asked to let go of.  The body is the map that our consciousness creates, so any blockages or patterns that disrupt the flow of divine light through all our meridians, are going to act as a road block, creating pain and symptoms, until we address the deeper cause.”.

“My Sessions create calmness, positivity and balance in my life. My mind and body is recharged right after every session so therefore I feel I have the energy to tackle whatever may come until my next session.  I believe that Body Talk is the natural way to heal and sooth your body. It helped me through different stages of my life but more importantly so during my pregnancy…I now take my son, who is 4 months old with me to have his Body Talk.”  – Myra E. Mother

“Working with Kristine and BodyTalk has helped me both emotionally and mentally. My anxiety level has gone down and I’ve been better at night. It’s hard to explain how it work, but IT WORKS! ”  – Maryann Castro, Photographer

My first session with Kristine, I wasn’t sure what to do or expect but I trusted her, so I let her do her thing. Although I didn’t feel any physical relief after my first session, I was touched emotionally and was completely intrigued with what came up and definitely wanted to explore further with a second one. During my second session we focused more on my back pain and jaw which had been hurting a lot in the weeks prior. I asked Kristine to engage me more during the session and got involved by asking her questions as well. She brought up additional issues that I’d been holding in, and again was very intrigued by the methods and results of BodyTalk. Just by talking things out I felt a lot better (lighter!) almost immediately, but the following days brought me even more pleasant surprises – my backaches improved tremendously (I can’t recall the last time I was bothered by them ever since), and my regular morning headaches caused by the pain in my jaw disappeared completely! I haven’t had any major pain issues since, but am looking forward to setting up another appointment simply because I know I’ll have much to gain and benefit from, even if there’s no pain to lose!  Kristine made me feel very comfortable and free to ask questions, and was very non-judgmental, pleasant, direct, and eager to help me understand what was going on. I highly recommend BodyTalk, and Kristine to all my friends and family in hopes that they will also benefit from it like I have. Inderpal

“BodyTalk was a very new concept of balancing for me and it truly was an amazing experience. After the first session and  for the first time in a long time I felt the emotions inside coming up to the surface and releasing, and I could actually feel it in my body which was amazing . I felt this for two days. It was a relief, and I felt that I am getting closer to understanding my body and feeling really light. I believe that it’s a really powerful method  and pleasantly surprised that it actually worked on me.” – M.N.

During the BodyTalk session, I felt relaxed. After, I felt a little funny in a good way. It helped with my cramps.  – Raeann

Kristine taught me that even grief passes on and grief has been a big part of my sickness. She is a gentle, beautiful soul. – Grace Medeiros

I have never heard of BodyTalk before so I was a bit apprehensive about trying it. In my mind, there was really nothing a medical doctor could not do. So when I booked an appointment to feel more balanced, I went in with no expectations. After only one session, I was in awe of the whole concept of BodyTalk. I felt amazing!!! During the session, I felt so much energy flowing through my whole body, I could instantly feel all the points connecting and balancing me out. I really could not explain it after as I was lost for words… Yes, I was that touched by it! Kristine was very knowledgeable and she really took the time to explain how it works and listened to my needs. I was so impressed and I can’t wait for more sessions with Kristine. – Alfa Jacob

I was relaxed during the session.  Can’t wait to do it again. Jenna

Before my first session, I have been living in a busy stressful work environment which has negatively impacted my health and social life. I was having a lot of back pains, headaches and insomnia. After a few sessions, I felt more calm, more positive and definitely not as stressed as before. I am able to do things more clearly at work, my sleeping patterns have improved, the headaches are gone and back pains have definitely improved. Kristine has helped me in so many ways. From my overall health and well being to preparing me for a recent and most especially throughout my pregnancy.  I am 7 months pregnant and I look forward to having more session in order to prepare me for the birth of my first baby. Thank you so much Kristine!  – J.D. Manager


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