Kristine Apostol


As a Certified Life Coach, Registered Acupuncturist and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, I offer a process that flows seamlessly between the therapeutic benefits of Acupuncture, WholeHealthcare BodyTalk System™ and Classic Coaching principles and approaches. You’ll receive the ideal custom blend of modalities guided by your innate wisdom for optimal health and vibrant living.  




Life is greater than the sum of its parts  

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Start Here

Work with Me

I work with people who are ready and motivated to take their life and health to the next level because it’s all connected.  Everything functions according to the dynamic interaction with everything else. Each area of your life has an influence on your health and whole being.  Finding fulfillment and balance in one area can positively influence others and this domino effect will help initiate and bring about change in other areas in a natural and more authentic way. 

Benefit inside and out with One on One Sessions, Group Coaching and Life Coaching Packages. Gain clarity, personal insights and a wholistic perspective on how your BodyMind health can be your ally in creating a life you love. 

*Distance Sessions (via audio/video calls) are powerful, convenient and available. 


1 on 1 Sessions

A unique combination of modalities tailored to your BodyMind’s health needs + heart based life goals.

Integrating Life Coaching principles, Acupuncture therapies and BodyTalk balancing techniques. You’ll receive the ideal custom blend of modalities to promote well being and offer one-of-a kind support to energize your life.

Prioritize Self-Care in your life and and witness the positive ripple effects it brings into all other areas of your life. 

Workshops / Group Coaching

You + Fun + Insights + Wellness = Play Based Wellness Workshop & Group Coaching!

Created with your health & well-being in mind and designed to help you gain tools, tips + personal insights on how you can achieve your goals and become more of an active participant in your health.

Are you ready to learn more about yourself in a fun and empowering way? 

Book a Private Group Coaching Session or sign up for the next Workshop. 

Corporate Wellness Programs

Keeping your employees healthy and productive with customized Workplace Wellness Programs

When employees feel supported and healthy the whole company thrives.  Workplace Wellness Programs are designed to be customizable offering a variety of modalities with individualized treatments to help employees improve their overall health and well being. 

Acupuncture, Cupping, Auricular Therapy, Eastern Nutritional Diet & Lifestyle counselling, Qi Gong Exercises, BodyTalk balancing techniques and more.

Help employees improve productivity by improving their health with Workplace Wellness Programs.

What People Are Saying

“I’ve grown and become aware of so much that goes inside “

 BodyTalk | Life Coach

Teacher, Entrepreneur

“Kristine is “Spot On”, concise, kind and the best cheerleader to have on my sidelines. The combination of BodyTalk, Life coach skill sets, her professionalism, kindness and awareness has helped me find better approaches to the current challenges in my life. “

BodyTalk | Life Coach

“I have had my perceptions shift, come more into myself and what I need to function and flourish.” 

BodyTalk |

Mother, Wife, Coach

“My work life balance has improved greatly, I feel like a different person and am more ambitious then I have ever been.  Thank you Kristine, I would not be where I am today without your help!”

BodyTalk | Life Coach


“Although I can’t trace back the exact steps or approach that worked, I have no doubt about Kristine’s contributions in getting me back to my best self. And for that, I’ll be forever grateful.”

BodyTalk | Life Coach

“The workshop helped me take a refreshing perspective on life and gained insights into myself. Fun! Interactive! Educational! Well Worth it!”

Workshop Attendee

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