About Me

A Certified Life Coach, Registered Acupuncturist and BodyTalk Practitioner by trade

An intuitive, passionate, visionary by heart

And a fierce optimistic warrior by choice

Dedicated to helping create more growth, healing and well-being for ourselves, our families, communities and the world we live in.


Whether it’s life coaching, acupuncture or bodytalk, I’m dedicated to helping you optimize your health and unlock your full potential so you can be your best self and thrive in life – because it’s all connected.


Life goals are personal. Healing is personal. And in my experience working with clients for over 10 years,  I believe that you must bring your whole self if you want to thrive in today’s world.  I love creating change and wellness from the inside out. I’m best at helping clients find healthy perceptions of themselves + strengthen their relationship with their mind, body and spirit so they can know themselves as complete, whole and empowered. I’ve worked with clients 1 ON 1 and facilitated workshops for parents, couples & women and I’m always on the lookout for people who are interested in applying their unique bodymind wisdom to their most personal life goals and challenges.

Drawing from real-life experience, my approach to coaching and wellness carries a personal philosophy,  “Life is greater than the sum of its parts”.  This philosophy sparked the vision for my practice and has inspired clients to invest in their unlimited opportunity for personal growth, healing and start positively impacting the world around them. I’m proud to have created a meaningful & fulfilling integrative practice that helps people like you connect to your true self (aka innate wisdom) to manifest your heart-based life goals and naturally heal on all levels.

I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, and so I have been trained in a range of modalities which includes life coaching principles, BodyTalk WholeHealthcare techniques and Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture therapies. I recognize that health challenges arise for a variety of reasons and that every person has a unique balance that should be addressed. I’m trained to look at the whole person – emotional, physical and environmental influences – so the true underlying causes of dis-ease and challenges can be revealed.  The ideal goal is to find the best, most dynamic point of balance within your bodymind complex so that you easily can respond to issues life throws at you with ease and grace.

Through education, communication and offering a variety of services,  my goal is to help you build a life you truly love and find the best fit for your unique BodyMind health needs. My commitment to you is to bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning while keeping it real and honest as I go. So please don’t expect me to have all the answers but do expect timeless wisdom, thought-provoking ideas, a sense of well being +  increase in awareness & personal insights with every session. I promise to use the knowledge, training and experiences in my journey to help you embrace your own.

When I’m not helping people get better, you can find me cuddling up on the couch with my family watching movies or laughing out loud with friends playing games and exploring the outdoors.

So, if you’re ready to take your health and life to the next level, I invite you to connect with me and I would love to work with you. Let’s create wellness from the inside out. You bring your willingness and commitment to create your best self and I promise to help you tap into the deepest wisdom within you so you can reach the highest levels of your creative potential in life.

 Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.

…wanna know how it all began?

For as long as I could remember, nothing thrills me more quite like a good challenge and helping others. My curiosity and desire to understand the big picture along with my natural ability to bring ideas together from seemingly disconnected events has contributed to numerous successes in my life. Whether it’s setting my own career goals, helping friends gain personal insights or finding creative ways to parent, “helping” others (and myself) has been and continues to be the biggest challenge, and yet the most rewarding experience of all. The reason? I like seeing people thrive. I get excited when I see people grow, learn, come out of their shell, overcome limiting beliefs, pursue their passions and live life authentically. There is something magical that happens when we live from that authentic place in our heart and our connection to our true self.

Like most of us, I grew up learning the value of hard work and perseverance as key traits to success. Study Hard. Work hard. Push through to meet goals and deadlines. And yes, all this hard work served me early on in my corporate career where I earned numerous promotions and accolades including OHI’s Top 30 Under 30.  At the time I felt quite successful on the outside yet not fully completely fulfilled and satisfied on the inside.  My mind felt accomplished, yet my body ached and my heart yearned for something more. It was then that I decided to leave my corporate job, pursue my passion and focus on what success in life really meant for me. A life-transforming decision that led to a beautiful family, a fulfilling practice and a much healthier lifestyle where hard work is balanced off with self care & personal growth as my foundation for success.

I truly believe that life is here for us and not against us and that our body can be our greatest ally in creating the life we want. When mind, heart and body energies are in alignment, life goals become joyful and easier to manifest and our health thrives along with it, supporting us even more along the way.  I understand the challenges that can arise with change and striving for better and I’m grateful for all the teachers in my journey that have allowed me to grow and flourish. So, I’m here to say that you don’t have to do it alone either.  I’m here to offer you my support and help you define success on your own terms and build the life you know you are meant to live. 

Ready to work together? Connect with me.

Life Coach | Acupuncture | BodyTalk

*Experience & Credentials

  • As a Certified Life Coach I offer a unique service that integrates BodyMind balancing techniques in my sessions. A process that flows seamlessly between the therapeutic benefits of Acupuncture, BodyTalk Wholehealthcare therapy and classic coaching principles and approaches. You’ll receive the ideal custom blend of modalities guided by your innate wisdom for optimal health and vibrant living. I have created workshops for parents, couples and women to promote wellness and personal growth that enables them to heal and thrive in today’s world. I take a great deal of pride and joy in guiding others to work together to improve themselves and their community.  I continue to seek and learn natural & innovative ways to promote well-being & empowerment because I truly believe that life is greater than the sum of its parts. 


  • As a Registered Acupuncturist, I graduated with high honours at Acupuncture Integrative Medicine (AIM) Academy. I am professionally trained to use Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and therapy which includes Acupuncture, Auricular, Acupressure, Cupping, Guasha, Tuina, Moxibustion as well as Eastern Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselling. My training and education also include Medical Qi Gong & Tai Chi Exercises, Western Medical Assessment, First Aid & CPR, Biomedical Pharmacology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology and Symptomology. I address and treat a variety of ailments and conditions such as musculoskeletal pain, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, fertility and many more as listed and recognized by The World Health Organization
  • My wellness practice started with the BodyTalk System over 10 years ago. I was drawn to BodyTalk’s state-of-the-art approach to integrative mind-body medicine that combines Western medicine’s scientifically supported research in fields such as neuroscience, epigenetics, and psychoneuroimmunology along with a large number of highly recognized ancient and modern healing methods and principles of knowledge, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, yoga and meditation philosophies, Chiropractic, consciousness studies and Energy Psychology.
  • My studies in BodyTalk include Fundamentals and advance courses such as Principles of Consciousness, Biodynamics, Macrocosmic BodyMind, Matrix Dynamics, Orthopedic Evaluation, Mindscape, Finding Health: Mapping the Healing Process, CDRRRII, Soul’s Journey: Exploring the Mind and 3 Brains, Eastern Medicine, 5 Element Acupuncture and PaRama. 

I continue to seek and learn natural & innovative ways to promote well-being & empowerment because I truly believe that life is greater than the sum of its parts.


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